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Here's what you should know...

Lighting is EVERYTHING.

The single most important component to taking the best and most beautiful photos is lighting.  My favorite natural lighting happens an hour and a half before the sun sets or right as the sun is rising.  It is SO important that everything runs smoothly on shoot day so that we can make the most of this time; this means being punctual is a MUST.  Once this light is gone, it's gone.

Something else to note about lighting:  I will choose the best lit photo over the impressive background any day.  No competition.

Pick an environment that you feel comfortable in.

I can capture the most relaxed and natural versions of you when you feel comfortable.  If you know you're not going to enjoy people staring at you when you are taking photos, try to avoid really busy areas (this is better for me, also).  If you're not typically an outdoorsy person, it might be best to avoid the location that requires a hike and has a ton of bugs everywhere.  I will say this over and over, but capturing you when you are most comfortable and most like you will result in the BEST photos. 


Dress like yourself.

The photos that I like the most are those that capture you and your S/O's personalities perfectly.  So, when you dress up for the sake of dressing up for photos, it can sometimes be a distraction.  Also keep reasonable footwear in mind; we will be moving from place to place a lot and might be walking through dirt and sand.  Also, you can bet if we're anywhere close to a body of water or in your home, I'm going to ask you to take your shoes off.  My only other suggestions for clothing are that you do not wear anything with graphics or lettering and earth/neutral tones always look great in photos and will match any environment. 

Embrace the elements.

Let the wind blow your hair around.  Don't be afraid to sit in the dirt.  If it rains, it rains.  It's real, it's imperfect, but it looks great for photos.  There are so many unknowns that could come into play on shoot day, and that is okay.  It adds to the realness and emotion of the photo and I love that.  Sometimes people will ask to reschedule if they know their shoot day is not the day they'll get the perfect sunset.  It's my job to inform you that harsh light is the worst (most of the time) and overcast is my jam.  It might be raining a bit, but as long as its not pouring,  I'll make you look like Noah and Allie kissing in the rain on the cover of the Notebook.


Leave the extra things at home.

I will be constantly shooting you and your S/O interacting with each other.  This means all of the in-betweens and transitions will be captured.  When you are carrying a big bag or want to lug props around, it can take away from those great moments. 

You're doing it right.

I'm here to capture you two and your love, so just be yourself.  Different couples show their love and interact with each other in very different ways and that is so great.  Please do not worry about what you think I want you to look like or looking exactly like a couple you saw on Pinterest. 


Don't hold back.

If you want to laugh, laugh.  If you want to cry, cry.  I love real moments and love when you share your vulnerability.  I'll probably be asking you and your S/O about your lives and why you love each other so much, so be ready to share it all with each other. 

Camera aware?

In 90% of all engagement photos I deliver the couple is not looking at the camera.  Please just let me know if you want camera aware photos because, although they are not my personal style, I'd still be happy to take them for you if you would like.